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BDC wanted to improve its employer brand in order to increase employee engagement and its capability to hire highly-qualified and solicited candidates within the job market (financial planners, business finance adviser, etc.)

Strategy / Solution
A thorough brand development process was implemented. We identified the areas where we could make the best contribution and left our client to concentrate on those where internal expertise and resources could analyze readily available data. We aimed for the strategic transfer of our knowledge thereby creating our own exit strategy. We supported BDC, establishing a link between our role of strategic advisor and the implementation itself of the overall brand deployment.

Employees representing an accurate segment of the workforce and job positions throughout Canada participated in “World Café” workshops (133 employees). This organizational initiative highly motivated the targeted employees.

Phone interviews with candidates who turned down offers from BDC (14 interviews); an online survey targeting specific profiles (101 participants + 18 phone interviews), the monitoring of competitors (5 companies) as well as a comprehensive analysis of all documents, employee engagement surveys, exit interviews, processes and program… fueled the identification of the Bank’s unique strengths, employee aspirations and business opportunities.

BDC’s unique brand proposition: BDC provides employees with a stimulating and flexible environment to grow and thrive within a high-performance team dedicated to accelerating entrepreneur’s success.

Tagline: Aspirations meet success.

Statement: Proud to connect people with their dreams.   

Deployment naturally occurred after the analysis phase. Beyond the integration of the visual identity linked to the employer brand, the practical implementation of the branding image ensued with the help of all our tools and communication channels. The goal is also to facilitate the assimilation of the employer positioning. Therefore a strategy and action plans were developed for a 12 to 18 months period in compliance with the HR cycle. For example, the annual report echoed our employer statement: “Proud to connect people with their dreams.”

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